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About us

"Bonev, Todorva, Ilcheva & Angelovi" Law Partnership dates back from December 2003 when Dimitar Angelov and Maria Ilcheva launched their joint attorney practice. The two young lawyers guided the work of their office in different areas of the law, such as commercial (corporate) law, family, property law, administrative and criminal law, labour and insurance law. Guided by their experience and good practice, the lawyers focused on additional activities - consulting real estate transactions and related rights.

In 2008 Mrs. Teofana Ahryanova joined the team. In 2010 Peter Angelov became the newest team members.

In the logic of  the development of their joint practice  the attorneys established, pursuant to the Art. 52 of the Law on Lawyers, "Angelov, Ilcheva & Ahryanova" Law Partnership.
The need for adequate accounting services to the customers led to the collaboration of the law partnership with the team of the accounting firm  "V.A.T." Ltd  for a complete and functional cooperation with individuals and legal entities.
Currently "Bonev, Todorova, Ilcheva & Angelovi" Law Partnership provides legal services to over 150 clients - companies and individuals, local and foreign. The office carries out legal aid and consultancy in civil, commercial and administrative law, criminal law, property law, contractual law, family law, labor and insurance law and litigation in civil, trade, criminal, administrative, employment and divorce cases .
In the past two years the law partnership focused on new areas of work - copyright and related rights, public procurement, competition law, European funds consultancy, M&A and public-private partnerships.
Throughout the period of its existence the law office has paid  the necessary attention to the training of legal trainees - graduate law students.
Good legal practice has revealed that the most appropriate form of collaboration between a lawyer and a client  is the performance of legal services to corporate clients on a monthly basis. The idea is borrowed from the experience of ​​law firms and businesses worldwide. This form of cooperation gives better knowledge of the current affairs of the clients and guarantees a timely and flexible response in an accelerated timeframe.

Apart from the scope of the legal work, the partner lawyers make explicit effort to establish friendly relations and mutual comfort with their customers and partners.
It is important for us along with a job well done to preserve our human appearance and attitude.

Public procurement

  • Preparation of opinions on notices
  • Preparation of documents for participation
  • Representation in the tender opening
  • Appeal to the CPC's decision to contractor
  • Appeals and litigation before the Supreme Court
  • Unfair competition
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due dilligence
  • Cartel and Monopoly cases

Appeal to the CPC's decision to contractor

Real estate

  • Advice on buying property
  • Procurement of documents and preparation of  notary deeds
  • A thorough study of problemattic properties
  • Negotiations on behalf of the client
  • Voluntary and judicial partition of property
  • Assistance in producing properties in the cadastre
  • Full scope assistance in investment process for builders

консултиране при закупуване на имот


  • Re-registration and registration of a sole trader, LTD, JSC
  • Registration of changes in lots of companies and sole traders
  • Publication of Annual Financial Statements
  • Transformation of companies
  • Liquidation
  • Insolvency
  • Assistance with company`s creditors/debtors
  • Drafting of commercial contracts
  • Accounting services
  • Tax issues

Civil law

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Subdivision of property
  • Debt collection
  • Interdiction
  • Protection from domestic violence
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Bulgarian citizenship and permanent residence
  • бракоразводни дела