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  • Services

    “Bonev, Todorova, Ilcheva & Angelovi” Law Partnership provides the following  legal services to natural and legal persons,  including but not limited to:

    Oral and written legal consulting on various matters
    Virtual office

    Presence and representation at business meetings and negotiations

    Preparation of various papers and documents - declarations, applications, petitions, inquiries directed to all administrative and judicial (courts, the prosecution) authorities
    Advice and Representation in procurement procedures
    Preparation of complaints, warnings, suggestions and objections
    Litigation before court
    Representation in front of the Commission for protection of competition

    Registration of companies and  NGOs, changes in existing companies  and NGOs and any kind of representation before the Registry Agency and Commercial Register
    Drafting of contracts and annexes, legal support on closing of deals

    Collection of debts

    Preparation of notary deeds for real estate transactions
    Full accounting services to individuals and legal entities

    Unfair competition, cartel and monopoly issues

    Tax issues

    Employment law


    Mergers and acquisitions

    Due dilligence

  • Public procurement

    • Preparation of opinions on notices
    • Preparation of documents for participation
    • Representation in the tender opening
    • Appeal to the CPC's decision to contractor
    • Appeals and litigation before the Supreme Court
    • Unfair competition
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Due dilligence
    • Cartel and Monopoly cases

    Appeal to the CPC's decision to contractor

    Real estate

    • Advice on buying property
    • Procurement of documents and preparation of  notary deeds
    • A thorough study of problemattic properties
    • Negotiations on behalf of the client
    • Voluntary and judicial partition of property
    • Assistance in producing properties in the cadastre
    • Full scope assistance in investment process for builders

    консултиране при закупуване на имот


    • Re-registration and registration of a sole trader, LTD, JSC
    • Registration of changes in lots of companies and sole traders
    • Publication of Annual Financial Statements
    • Transformation of companies
    • Liquidation
    • Insolvency
    • Assistance with company`s creditors/debtors
    • Drafting of commercial contracts
    • Accounting services
    • Tax issues

    Civil law

    • Divorce proceedings
    • Subdivision of property
    • Debt collection
    • Interdiction
    • Protection from domestic violence
    • Drafting of contracts
    • Bulgarian citizenship and permanent residence
    • бракоразводни дела